Each Festival brings together a diverse group of people, each with their own products, techniques, and passions.

With so many different exhibitors, you're sure to experience something new...

Parag's Reiki Hut   Reiki therapy & courses,Space Clearing, Courses in Crystal Healing, Crystals, Author of "Reiki Symbols - A Revelation"
moonEYE -
Institute for Mental Healing
  Healing sessions, consulting, coaching, aura photography, seminars, energy products
The Crystal People   Crystals, Minerals, Jewellery, and Incense to complement your inner self...
She Universe   Chocolate for the soul
Medicine Crow   Shamanism workshops
Guiding Light   Spiritual Gifts and Psychic Readings www.guidinglight.co.nz
The Aura Stall   Aura Photos, plus unique Spiritual Drawings with Carlysle
Cauldrons Pagan Supplies   Pagan supplies, Books, Tarot Cards, Readings www.cauldrons.co.nz
Set Free with EFT   EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques www.setfree.co.nz
Olwynne Cade
The LightPath Institute
University of the Soul
  LightPath Journey Therapy, a new and powerful form of Past Life Regression, using a spiritually guided process
Natural Healing
& Spinal Alignment
  Natural Healing & Spinal Alignment
Soul Design   Soul Necklaces
Holistic Pulsing   Body/mind therapy with CorinneĀ & Eva
Bioptron Light Therapy   Free Healing Light Treatments with Bioptron Light
Jean-Paul   Tarot Reader
Nature in Balance   Wholistic health practitioner using Bach Flowers, Bowen Technique, Auric Magnetic Healing and Homeobotanicals
Brian Ackroyd   Energy healing, self healing, cord cutting
and Clairvoyance
Tibetan Buddhist Dhargyey Centre Christchurch   Tibetan and Himalayan gift products
Lady D   Tarot Readings
Davina Powell   Tarot Readings
Patricia Whitfield   Australian Bush flowers, Reiki, energy healing
Share International   New Age Information
Angels Gifts and Tarot   Tarot Card Readings
To prebook: merlin-nimway@xtra.co.nz
College of Natural Health
and Homeopathy
  Information stand for courses in Homeopathy
Foot Spa Detox   Foot Spa Detox
Chakra Sisters Ltd   Medicine Gemstone Jewellery, Inspirational T-shirts and gifts
Angelspeak   Clairvoyant medium who also does numerology as part of her readings.
Janet is also a healer and teacher.
Eckankar   Spiritual Path
Jenni   Readings with Guiding Light
First Light Flower Essences   Flower Essences, Disaster Relief, Post Trauma Recovery, Consultations
Circles Centre   Indian Head Massage

Paula's Art

  Spirit Guide Drawings

Sukyo Mahikari

  Spiritual Purification with True Light

Magnetic Healers Unlimited - North Canterbury Group

  Auric-Magnetic Healers who work on cleansing people's auras to aid with any and all conditions and illnesses.


  Life Force Products to nourish your body to wellness.

Sauniere Jewellery

  Women's Handmade Jewellery

Southern Reflexology


Susan Harrington-Baker

  Soul Readings and information about upcoming Learn to Channel workshops

Christchurch Numerology

  Numerology readings

Faye Rogers

  Animal communicator/healing

Soy Candles

  Soy Candles

Christine Kohle

  Health Practitioner and Symbol Coacher
Divine Light   Spiritual gifts etc
Linda Hampton   Metaphysical Counsellor
Beyond the Horizon   Energy Healing
Nurturer Of The Heart, Enlightener Of The Soul   Support & guidance for those on a journey of self-discovery & enlightenment
Laeis   Readings
Rise en shine healing centre   Light Therapy Free Treatments
Hara   Readings
Thrive Therapies   Iridology Herbalism
Forget-Me-Nots   Tarot Card Readings
Bay Bliss Massage   Aurvedic marma, pressure point massage,total bliss.
doTERRA Certified Pure Essential Oils    
Heart Transformations   Intuitive, Visonary, Seer.Supporting others on the pathway of Heart Centred Self Awareness.
Shuzi NZ Ltd   www.shuziqi.co.nz
Rainbow Crystals   Crystals and Liquid Crystal consultations
Wally   Readings
Ashama. Working with Spirit   Channelled messages from Spirit and Flower readings.
Connective Living   Psychic ReadingsReikiArcturian Light Healing
Southern Cross Flutes    
Canterbury Branch of the Theosophical Society in NZ  

Our mission is to encourage enquiry with open hearts and minds into world religions, philosophy, science, and the arts, and to support the individual's endeavour to understand and apply the ageless wisdom, respect and honour all life, and work towards spiritual transformation.

SAFE   Info about factory farming and other animal issues and SAFE merchandise.

Moving On

  Massage therapist, Energy worker, Story teller
Healing Embrace   Therapeutic & Remedial Massage, Spiritual/Energy Healing, Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection, The Journey.
Vishuddhi Yoga Centre   Accredited Yoga Teacher
Tamariki School   Tamariki school is a democratic school, its focus is on the social and emotional needs of children first.
Find Your Bliss   Intuitive Coach
Callah and The Ancients   A team of Divine Spiritual Healers, Empathic Healers andSeers working with the Channel, Kim, for Divine Inter-dimensional Beings; bringers of Transformation, Divine Love and Healing.
Christian Divine Healing   Healing Prayer
Emotional Therapy   Using The Journey to facilitate an opening for people to be recognise and experience their own truth.
    ...and more coming!

This list was last updated on 25/03/14.