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Luke Elijah
Holistic Healer

Luke Elijah is a full-time meditation coach, spiritual practitioner and life coach who conducts and facilitates various holistic themed workshops, guided group meditations, Theta healing counselling sessions, energy/sound healings and 1-to-1 private consultation sessions using a combination of channelling, tarot/oracle readings, pendulum dowsing, astrology, numerology and palmistry.

“Sound will be the medicine of the future” - Edgar Cayce/ The Sleeping Prophet

Luke will be offering one experiential sound healing meditation each day...
" Immerse yourself in a powerful and rejuvenating sound healing meditation session with the aid of premium grade steel tongue tank drums and other sound healing tools. Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils will also be a feature of this healing session. The healing oils will bring about regenesis at the cellular levels, and restore your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to their optimal holistic balance. Relax your senses and lie down in a healing sound cocoon of heavenly resonance and high vibrational frequencies. You will leave feeling recharged, re-energized and revitalized."



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From 22 years of deeply and intimately exploring the harmonic matrix, through the Mayan Calendar, understanding through experience the enlightenment process, Vasumi shares her quest.

Revelations received over the past 35 years of diligently exploring the real and unreal, have enabled her to embrace a totally new paradigm, having its roots in the harmonic web of all of life. Her experiences with the Tzolkin, of the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar, have proved this foundation as the basis for living the experience of Natural Time. Time devoted to living a magical life of Synchronicity.

Saturday Workshop:

An Introduction to the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar and its harmonic matrix that reveals the cycles of the New Time. If you have always wanted to know what this is all about, come and hear from one who has followed its matrix as a day keeper for the past 20 years… You will be introduced to its inner workings and also have your place in the harmonic matrix revealed, which serves to enlighten your understanding of your purpose for being here at this time…



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Medicine Crow
Mystic Metaphysician Master Shaman

Dr. Medicine Crow is a Chief of the Sand Hill Band of Indians who are Cherokee-Delaware Descendants. He  has achieved a Doctor of Metaphysics, Ph.D Religious Philosophy and Master Status in the esoteric disciplines of Huna, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Isis Seichim.

An International multi award winning musical recording artist who has spent much of his life rediscovering the musical, spiritual and healing techniques of his and other ancient people.  He operates practices in  Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Internationally - conducting ceremonies, workshops, seminars, retreats, healings and musical performances. Crow is a solo performer using bass, medicine drums, rattles, flute, didgeridoo, gongs, synthesizer and vocals to entrance his audience into a state of Higher Vibration.

Medicine Crow is an exciting and dynamic performer who ‘walks his talk’.  With fun and humour.   He demonstrates how to live from a spiritual perspective connecting with nature and the Creator.



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Fifteen times around the world playing music... Sika has become a globally respected Master Didjeridoo player and multi-instrumentalist of ethnic-indigenous music. It was once said that "Sika doesn't play the didjeridoo - he becomes one."

Sika's style is distinctive - playing drum and percussion with Didjeridoo, a style emerged that was exciting and highly evocative. A vibrant fusion of rhythms and exquisite overtones, often with a lively funk groove that people love to move and dance to.



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Janet Arthur
Intuitive Life Guide. Connecting people to answers through, Mediumship, Healing and Teaching. Gives clairvoyance at local spiritualist churches on a regular basis. Clairvoyance workshop this weekend.



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Dan van Wylich

Spiritual Development and Awakening
Dan has a gift for teaching the language of energy (different types, qualities and levels) to anybody, regardless of belief or background.

His background covers more than 30 years experience in healing and meditation.

His Awakening has revealed a new meaning of life.



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Donna Guy

Donna has worked in the field of spiritual awareness and self development for over 30 years. She is a gifted teacher who provides great insight and wisdom into all dimensions of life.

As an empowerment specialist and life counselor, Donna has lectured and facilitates workshops nationally.
She has a mission to assist in the empowerment of women and men everywhere.

Donna's psychic readers are professional, and work under the strictest confidence, making sure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout.

Having a psychic reading is more than just predicting the future; it is a chance to gain a deep insight into your life, and for Donna's readings to provide you with spiritual guidance on any issues you may be struggling with.

Turn your life around , bring insight into your life and see it differently. Recognize who you are, where you are going and why.
Donna's readings are packed full of information, inspiration and motivation to move your life forward and to look at new possibilities.

The most practical and down to earth information you will be given in Donna's workshops: A look at a spiritual way of life, packed full of fun, humor with a touch insight you will not believe.

See you at my workshop.


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Sonya Yates

I just adore what I do, I love working with and for spirit and see it as collaboration and a partnership of equals. I am so truly blessed and grateful for all the support and love I receive from my guides and teachers in spirit.  My faith and belief in spirit is very strong and I have been able to hear and see the Angels since I was a very young child. The angels and my guides have been there for me through some very difficult and challenging times in my life and they have helped me accept myself as human with unconditional love, acceptance and humour.

I work as an Angel and Ascension teacher (Diana Cooper School, UK), a channel and voice for spirit and as a healer. My readings are beautiful, loving and bring insight and clarity. I also work with natural materials to create beautiful arts and crafts

I am the author of the book “Be of good heart” This book offers spiritual support for everyday life. It brings the most beautiful guidance for the human journey into the heart. This is a book about love and offers direct and profound love from spirit to you personally.

I am also a spiritual photographer and have a growing collection of stunning orb photos which capture the energy of Angels and spirit in the world. I love the energy of these beautiful beings of light and they have much to share with humanity and with us personally.


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Jan and Thomas Burke

Jan and Thomas Burke have been trained spiritual educators for a combined total of over 60 years. They have taught seminars and courses in the United States, London, Australia and are currently in New Zealand.

As certified consultants of the Spiritual Development College, they have given many consultations and readings; their main focus is showing other people how sensitive they are and how simple it is to communicate with Spirit.



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Rebecca Hulse

Rebecca Hulse is a go-getting, risk-taking millenial. She is a best selling author, International Speaker, Joy of Business®, Being You® and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. Rebcca loved shaking up the supposed hard-set realities and paradigms kept in place over lifetimes.

She sees a different reality and possibility - usually far beyond this reality which she has used to create her own life and business traveling the world from New Zealand to Costa Rica, USA, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean and beyond.

She is the author of three books including The Energy of Receiving (her latest and 1st bestseller) and speaks to a global audience on change, consciousness, business, leadership and more.


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Rose Guy

Rose Guy is at the cutting edge of energy work creating a system for specific energy clearance that helps let go of what ever energies have accumulated. As well as this Rose channels suggestions for nutrition and lifestyle choices that will optimise wellbeing. Rose's background is wholistic having experience in counselling, teaching tai chi and nutrition. She has an M.A. in psychology, studied nutrition through the T colin Campbell foundation at Cornell and is very eclectic in her interests to do with well being. Rose enjoys the wide range of topics that she deals with.


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Kim Mehlhopt

Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Counsellor/Teacher, Ghostbuster, Land Healer – and Singer! 

Free services provided include the SOUNDS LIKE SPIRIT Facebook GROUP: free daily support, and free readings on Thursday's.  Free seminars at Expo’s. Free Intuitive Angel Answers every Sunday on the SOUNDS LIKE SPIRIT Facebook PAGE. Also the SOUND ADVICE for SPIRITUAL SOULS show on SOC Radio every Wednesday from 10am to midday (with an interactive chat room).

Outside of this, you are welcome to contact me for paid readings, healings and all, either face to face, or distance.

Teaching is a joy, and I hold two weekly Development Circles, and occasional Clair Senses Courses, to help you explore and develop your own spirituality and the tricky questions, with a "hands on" approach.

Healing with music is a passion…

I am endlessly fascinated by my Spiritual Journey - and yours!


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Kori Reardon

Kori Reardon is a Life Coach, musician, marriage celebrant and co-founder of Heart Mind Health.

After a profound spiritual encounter twenty years ago, he has been on a dynamic journey of seeking and understanding.

He has given much guidance and support to many people out in the field of everyday life, which has led him to solidify that as his soul's purpose.

He speaks from a place of intuitive knowledge, encouraging the seeker to see between the lines of what we think we understand.



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Sea Avery

Sea Avery is an Access Consciousness facilitator who uses the Access tools to flip people’s realities upside down.  She is a personal trainer, an expert with bodies and enjoys spending time the garden.  Sea is aware of a different possibility around relationship and is on a mission to show the world how to never be stressed by them again.  What else is possible?


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Dr Gwen Grelet

Dr Gwen Grelet is a bridge-walker. She is a highly intuitive environmental scientist, with a gift for bodies, energy and multi-dimensional awareness. Consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing.

Gwen knows that on this planet, we are Spirit embodied as lively humans, designed to experience all aspects of our being: mind, heart and guts, with ease, joy and glorious exuberance of life.

Dr Gwen is passionate about the Earth and has a PhD in Ecology and has conducted research in: Canada, the US, Australia, UK, France and now New Zealand. Fiercely alive - she leads weekly Zumba classes and rejoices in seeing others emanating happiness and well-being whilst dancing.

Gwen uses the tools of Access Consciousness™ to facilitate more joy and ease in her life, and that of others, if they choose.

Last year, she also began studying and practicing holographic kinetics®, a modality inspired from Australian aboriginal dreamtime healing, which also aims to dissolve limiting subconscious patterns.


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Linda Dowsett

Healing Embrace

Linda is an experienced energy healer, massage practitioner, Journey therapist and also a medium for channelling healing frequencies from sacred light language. Linda has worked in the healing field for over 25 years, first as a nurse and then as a massage and energy healer practitioner. Linda will channel healing through light language from The Intergalactic Council of Light & Unity Consciousness, along with spiritual wisdom. These Celestial Beings come with love and healing to support your highest good. Awaken to your light and be uplifted.



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  More Profiles coming...


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