Luke Elijah
Immerse yourself in a powerful & rejuvenating sound healing meditation session, with sound healing tools and healing oils to restore your physical, spiritual, & emotional well-being. Relax your senses in a healing sound cocoon of heavenly resonance & high vibrational frequencies. You will leave feeling re-energized and revitalized.
(50 min session)
Donna Guy
The Crystal Ball says - Nature is my medicine. Learn about the power of crystals and why we need them in our lives. “Crystals are the living beings at the beginning of creation” - Nikola Tesla.
Donna's talks are packed full of information, inspiration and motivation to move your life forward and to look at new possibilities. (50 mins session)
Kim Mehlhopt
Sounds Like Spirit
Readings and other psychic stuff.
Charli Grace
Weight loss and body image - why we get so hung up on these issues and how to get fast lasting results easily
Dawn Cowan
Essential oils for emotional and physical well being.
Dr Peter Harper
How 23 years of teaching zoological science led Peter to discover that he could help people heal using auric healing and activated crystals.
Gwynna Whiteowl
Making A Difference; Good Grief support with REVERIE HARP for Heart & Soul healing. Anyone can play. Everyone can heal & live wholeheartedly. Reverie Harp supports healing across every possible human experience of grief, loss, trauma or crisis we may experience.

(50 mins session)
Medicine Crow

(50 mins session)
Christiane Holmer
Experience The Form - discover how to live Life moment by moment, breath by breath from the deepest place of Being. Turn your days into a living prayer.
Pauline Stock
Inner Health, Outer Beauty.  Want to look and feel your best?? Learn how to help your body and skin function optimally with superfoods and skincare.
Dan van Wylich
I Am Sovereign! Life as a sovereign being. Freedom vs Security. Allowing you to be... you!
Share International
Do you want to DO something for the world? Come and try Transmission Meditation. The practice is a science. We work as a group with the intention to serve.
B Prior
Meetings with B are a profound opportunity to bring greater Awareness to your Life in all its facets from the microcosm of your personal life to the macro- cosm of universal existence. B’s unique and deeply enlightening perspective and his heartful invitation to open to greater Love in all things will ignite your heart and Being from the inside out.
(50 min session)
Linda Dowsett
Wisdom and channeled healing with light language from The Intergalactic Council of Light. Receive healing & guidance from Celestial Beings.

(50 min session)
Kori Reardon
An interactive talk, exploring the heart mind, its purpose, and how it differs from the brain mind.Could it be an answer to consciousness?
Peter Woodgate
How ONE Muscle can reap havoc in the whole BodyCome along to find out which muscle and how you can work with it.Peter will show you how.
Sea Avery
Relationship made easy.What would it be like to have no disharmony or judgment in relationship? What if you never had to be less of you?
John Pickles
Can One event, change the World? You bet it can and it is happening soon!
Lorraine Taylor
Yoga Of The Heart
~ for women only ~
A gentle nourishing class for women focused on the Heart, with breath, music and poetry.

Please bring a yoga mat.

(50 min session)
An Intro to the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar & its harmonic matrix, revealing the cycles of the New Time. You will be introduced to its inner workings and also have your place in the harmonic matrix revealed, which serves to enlighten your understanding of your purpose for being here at this time…

(50 min session)
Rebecca Hulse
Joy of Business! Is it truly possible? Money follows Joy, Joy does not follow money - join in this talk to find out what it would take!
Don Carnielo (2 Hours)
Pendulums - how to use them to tap in to universal energy, and for dowsing. Practical session, mostly outside if fine.
Patricia Stowell
Discover how the First Light® Flower Essences of New Zealand can support you with grief and loss.
Dan van Wylich
Get Real - Awakening
What exactly is Awakening? The direct path to what, where, how and who.
Franziska Friese
"An introduction to NIA"
The JOY of moving guided by PLEASURE

(50 min session)
Sonya Yates
The Path of the Soul. A channelled workshop with the Council of Light on the Path of the Soul in this New Age.

(50 min session)
Carl Peterson
Buteyko Breathing Method. Control asthma, snoring, panic attacks, anxiety, plus more. Sleep soundly, wake refreshed. Test your breathing.
Rosemary Guy
Body, Mind and Spirit Connection: What does it mean to have connections between these three elements of self? Clearing these alignments.
Jan Burke
Experience simple techniques about energy, how powerful you are, and how spiritual sensitivity works. We are ALL psychic. How does it work?
Lee Templeton
GIRLS CIRCLES Info on classes for 8-14year old Girls. Cultivating Emotional & Social Intelligence, Intuition, Positive Sexuality and more...
Experience live Didjeridoo, Flutes & Drums with ancient wisdom from indigenous elders and shamanic teachers to help you Journey into the 5th dimension.

(50 min session)
Karyn Cooksley-Smith
How can an experience from when you were a child cause you to be stuck later in life? Discover how Intuitive Healing can identify energy blockages or create repeating patterns/behaviours holding people at ransom thus unravelling the crap magnet.

(50 min session)
Nicci Blain
A little about Chinese Medicine and the nature of Qi through the seasons.
Peter Woodgate
Zero Balancing : - Touching bone and energy, bringing balance to life. What is it, How does it work, and what may it help with.

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